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The GIS Education Center is part of the Advanced Transportation Technologies & Energy program at City College of San Francisco. Our GIS workshops are designed for students to learn and acquire skills based on focused GIS topics.

Program Format

Our workshops are 9-15 hours in length and taught over three to five weeks. Our students are working professionals, graduate students, and general enthusiasts in search of a short, focused, and affordable training which can offer more support than a weekend crash course or avoid the time commitment of a semester long college course.


Learning GIS can feel frustrating and be complicating for new learners. We feel our approach is an appropriate balance for students interested in gaining GIS skills and literacy.

Our workshops strive to give students the opportunity to understand the content, absorb the material and then demonstrate the learned skills. Our instructors design custom curriculum, use real-world data, and make the classroom atmosphere as fun and productive as possible.

Stepping Stones

Geospatial technology is a vast and intricate field of study. Students should level their expectations and consider our workshops as stepping stones to further study or exploration.


You will often here our instructors say "practice using data you care about". Practicing with data you want to analyze and visualize is a great recipe to better understanding the processes and will more likely lead to a positive experience with GIS.


Learning GIS is commonly found to be difficult because the most common interface to GIS is the software, which is powerful and designed for professionals. In this sense a large part of learning GIS is learning a software application (or potentially several applications). If you are a novice user then recognize this initial hurdle but also realize that no one becomes a great at GIS after only a few weeks.


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