Devan Morris


Day job: Environmental Health Planner for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Environmental Health.

GIS Focus: Pedestrian safety; transportation systems; urban and regional planning.

GIS is Important to me because:  It enables us to visualize and analysis data in order to make better informed decisions. GIS is a wonderful tool to understand the spatial distribution of phenomena and can be applied with a broad and diverse number of fields and allows us to better understand how our world operates. I feel strongly that GIS data should also be made freely available to the public, allowing a broader audience to understand and have input on issues impacting our lives.

You Should Also Know: I'm currently involved in the San Francisco GIS User Group. I’ve done GIS work for non-profits, corporations, local government, and as an independent contractor. I especially enjoy using GIS to better understand the urban built environment.

My Projects

  • Collect data and help design database for enterprise web security portal at the Port of Oakland.
  • Helped perform analysis for the California High Speed Rail from Fresno to Palmdale Environmental Impact Report.
  • Health Impact Report of proposed congestion pricing cordon in downtown San Francisco.
  • Identify high injury corridors throughout the City of San Francisco to prioritize capital improvement projects.
  • Currently building TransBASE, an open source data repository for SFDPH transportation safety related data.