Jen McLaughlin

Day job: Environmental Health Planner for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Environmental Health

GIS Focus: Health Impact Assessments using GIS

GIS is important to me because: It allows us to better understand the spatial distribution of our neighborhood resources which can inform planning and policy to address social and environmental inequities. It also helps paint a better picture of those communities with the most need.

You Should Also Know: I'm currently involved with the Mayor's Open Space Task Force and the San Francisco GIS User Group.

My Projects

  • GIS mapping and spatial analysis for Healthy Development Management Tool, SFDPH
  • Air Quality Model and Map for PM 2.5 in San Francisco, SFDPH
  • San Pablo Avenue Air Quality Mapping and Spatial Assessment to Public and Retail Services, Human Impact Partners
  • Treasure Island Bicycle Environmental Quality Index Map, SFDPH and SF Bicycle Coalition