Suzanne Korey

Day job: Program Director, GIS Education Center & Director, Career Technical Education

GIS Focus: Growing the GIS Education Center to be a dynamic and responsive hub of GIS Education

As Program Director My Goal is: I have multiple goals for the Center, which include expanding the reach of our workshops so that more Bay Area residents know about us and participate in our classroom. As we expand our reach I would like the Center expand the range of workshops we offer to benefit people working in transportation, health, urban planning, business, homeland security, and multiple other disciplines. Along side working as Center director, I also work in San Francisco's public schools. My current passion is to see Geospatial technologies utilized in multiple curricular area and across a variety of grade levels. Teachers have successfully integrated Geospatial technologies with students from 3rd grade through high school and in a variety of curricular areas such as art, civics, earth and environmental science, English, geography, history, and outdoor education. Spatial literacy is as important a goal as traditional literacy is. The Center can play an important role in facilitating this technology and preparing teachers to develop modules of geospatial technology for students of all ages.

GIS is important to me because: Using maps to display information is a far more powerful tool then graphs and statistics. Maps provide something that narratives and statistics lack, and indeed demonstrate that "a picture is worth a thousand words". I find the multi-disciplinary nature of GIS and its broad application very exciting, and the students who come into the GIS EC classes represent this breadth of knowledge and experience.

You Should Also Know: I am a big champion of community colleges as a dynamic learning institutions that are directly responsive to local community. The GIS-EC is a good example of how a community college has capacity to address a broad range of disciplines and technologies, and to bring both graduate level and high school students into the same classroom.