GIS Theory & Practice

» Have you heard about this thing called "GIS" and wondered what it is, exactly?
» Do you love working with maps, digital data, computers and the latest technology?
» Are you new to GIS and need someone to work with you from "square one"?
» Do you want to learn about one of the fastest-growing fields in today's job market?

If any of these questions apply to you, we encourage you to watch this informative free GIS workshop and meet the instructors of the GIS Education Center at City College of San Francisco.  We are a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable group of GIS practitioners (some may say geeks...and we're OK with that) whose mission is to de-mystify GIS technology by offering low-cost, targeted, hands-on workshops at conveniently-located classrooms in San Francisco.

GIS is short for Geographic Information Systems; and in simple terms is data converted to a map which aids in decision making.

You will discover GIS is a system and approach for studying the world around us. Businesses, communities, and organizations often have piles of data with spatial capabilities unexplored or used. We want to train the workforce to take advantage of this neglected data and show GIS can be an asset.

GIS typically tends to be a tool or a skill most of us use to augment our existing career. The GIS Education Center recognizes not everyone wants to be a GIS geek and strives to develop workshops where all backgrounds can succeed at using the technology.

Video 1 of 5 Rick introduces himself and talks about the GIS Education Center, its worskhops, and purpose. In addition, Rick begins discussing the topic of What is GIS?
Video 2 of 5 Rick continues discussing geospatial, providing an overview of geospatial technology, and the application of GIS in various industries.
Video 3 of 5 More discussion on theory of GIS, as a workflow from data to information to wisdom. In addition, Rick discusses the principals of effective map design.
Video 4 of 5 Rick provides an overview of the ArcGIS software package, Geospatial literacy, Geospatial workforce/jobs, and examples of GIS projects.
Video 5 of 5