Rick Kos

Day Job: GIS and Urban Planning Consultant; GIS Instructor at San Jose State University; Co-Director GISEC

GIS Focus: Introducing students to GIS technology and demystifying it.

GIS is Important to me because:  In order to solve local, regional and global problems, we first need to know as much as possible about the topic to be solved.  In almost every case, this information has a locational and relational component that can be represented on a map - this is why GIS becomes such a powerful tool to study and solve multi-faceted problems. Unfortunately, I feel that today's GIS software is clunky, confusing, unfriendly and off-putting to new learners, so I've made it my mission to promote GIS as a powerful tool that needs to be clearly explained and demystified for the benefit of present and future problem-solvers.

You Should Also Know: Proud to say I was born and raised in New Jersey, though I love California and the Bay Area!

My Projects

  • City of Mountain View 2030 General Plan Update mapping
  • City of Orinda GIS training
  • Co-author: GIS for Economic Development
  • Digital Cartographer: Worldlink
  • Urban Planning and GIS instructor: San Jose State University
  • Personal GIS tutoring services

My Groups: American Institute of Certified Planners, American Planning Association, National Trust for Historic Preservation, BayGeo, Faculty, San Jose State University Urban & Regional Planning Dept.